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Shoot & Share contest

I first discovered the Shoot & Share contest last year and found it SO addictive once we were through to the voting rounds. And yet again I find myself addicted and thought I would share in case anyone else wants to join in voting for some amazing photographs in the world's "only free and fair photo contest".

Last year I entered the maximum number of images (50) earning the badge of courage for entering and the all-in badge. I did better than I expected but of course I'd love to top that and do better this year so I've gone all-in again and have my fingers crossed!

Anyone can vote, you don't have to be a photographer or have entered. Fair warning though, it is addictive as my dental nurse can attest to as I got her hooked last year!

You can't vote for anyone specific unless you happen to recognise their work come up. Voting works by showing you four images from the same category (of which there are many) and you choose your favourite. You don't know anything else about the images, who took it or where, you just see the four images and choose, then you're shown another four. Each round the least voted are removed before the next round begins with the best images slowly getting narrowed down over 12 rounds!

I'd love to be a finalist again and beat my best score of 165th. Not bad out of the many hundreds of thousands of images entered (19,300 in that specific category) but I'd love to be in the top 100!


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