Click Pro personalised feedback

I was accepted as a Click Pro and I'm over the moon! As I paid extra for personalised feedback (in case I didn't make it!), I thought I'd share it here to help others who might be thinking of applying. It's helped me with how to keep improving and I've had the OK from Courtney Larson to share it here :)

I've included the images mentioned. You can see my full set here:


Beautiful use of exposure triangle in nearly every photo! There were only a few that appeared to have highlights that are too bright and detract from the image. Some examples are, Girl in rainbow outfit jumping on gray sofa with boy on couch I think the whites are too bright and vertical image of couple with toddler in rose colored sweater walking on leaves; leaves are really distracting and backlight overpowering. Toddlers in diapers, with toes only showing on a table with pictures around them (black and white). Overall you handle challenging light very, very well and your exposure choices add to the frame.

Use of Light-

Your use of light is outstanding! It's obvious that you have studied how to use light in ways that flatter your subjects to add depth and dimension. I loved how you were able to incorporate lens flare, ambient lighting, ordinary lighting yet each image is properly lit and it feels just right for that moment. It's difficult to list images as they are untitled, but there's one with feet pressing end of tub with beautiful light, a little one in a sliver of light that looks like she may have just gotten out of the tub, a family dancing in their living room, mom twirling and little girl twirling/jumping, dad holding girl. All of these are examples of beautiful light contributing to your story.

Color + White Balance-

The majority of your portfolio contains really lovely and deliberate choices in how you set your white balance. There is a nice rich warmth to most every image. There was a few outliers for me that didn't quite fit within your set as a whole. Breastfeeding twin mom - straight on perspective. Woman looking in hand mirror. Baby in red octagonal tunnel.