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A day in the life of a swimming teacher

This was supposed to be a two hour session for Rebecca Love to get some photos for her new website. Truth is, I was having so much fun, I ended up staying for the whole morning - five hours in stead of the two I was contracted to stay. This is not my usual practice I can assure you but I have been thinking about offering something different and this was a great opportunity to see how family sessions might work if I were to hire the pool for some water play magic!

As a result, we ended up with an epic gallery showing off many different levels of swimmers Rebecca teaches. It was ideal to showcase what she does on her website for prospective clients to see how she works. As I enjoyed it so much, and you can see how much fun the kids were having, I will be investing in some more equipment soon to offer some underwater shots as part of the new swimming sessions I will be offering. Here are just a few of the shots we got on the day...

I didn't like the lack of control I had with my trial run of a borrowed go-pro so will be investing in a new underwater kit which will allow me more creativity and better quality. Watch this space! :D


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