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The Buxted Ball 2019

The annual Buxted Ball is a fun evening raising funds for local amenities and charities. I've attended a few times in the past but wasn't planning on going this year until one of the committee members, Lara, who happens to be a good friend of mine asked me to take photos of the evening. I initially declined as it's really not the kind of thing I do as a photographer. Family sessions are what I love and I do enjoy a bit of branding and head shot photography for businesses but events are a whole different ball game. Lara is persistent, however, and in the end she convinced me with a good dose of flattery and ideas of letting the whole ball know about the services I usually offer.

Turns out, it was great fun! I met some lovely and hilarious people throughout the night, most of whom I would probably not get the chance to even as an attendee. It's a pretty busy event and I started off taking photos outside the front as guests arrived in the evening sunshine. I had planned on taking a few more candids of the champagne reception but people were very keen on portraits, posing in their glam outfits before the meal.

After dinner (during which I edited the initial photos for people to see in the bar area after eating) I set up a photo "booth" in the corner of the room next to the bar which certainly became popular during the later part of the evening, providing Nik and I with an abundance of entertainment as two of the few sober people in the building!

I've got permission to share a few here from friends in attendance and have included a few details from before the party started too...

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