The magic of the Circular Prism!

Updated: Mar 9

I had already planned on writing a couple of posts about my fun with prisms but after this weekend playing with my circular version, I've had LOADS of people asking me for more info about it and where to get one. The good news is, they cost just £5!!! A super cheap option to add some creativity to your photos, it's basically a bit of a chandelier but it can give some stunning effects!

Here are some of my favourite shots taken using my little circle of sparkly, faceted glass...

In various kinds of light, the effect changes - a good dose of back-lighting during golden hour gives a very obvious and sparkly ring around your subject.

With the sun a bit to the side, you get more reflections showing and a bit of flare and bokeh can be amplified around the edges of the frame.

In more simple, diffused light, the result is more subtle with a softening of the edges and blurred effect where the facets are.

With some manipulation in the right light, you can even get a little rainbow to show!

Fairy lights can make for some super sparkly effects and LOTS of little rainbows too! Please excuse the super grainy and very artificially lit image of the gorgeous, happy Kirsty below - the restaurant was very dark!!

And of course, I had to take a mirror selfie to show you how I hold it...

You can buy the circular prism here, have fun!

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