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The Chop!

It's been a big week for haircuts in our household! You may have seen Kalyan's new do on my Instagram profile, his gorgeous shoulder length curls are gone but he looks so handsome and very grown up!

Then it was Priya's turn! She's been begging for a haircut (like Daddy's!!) for ages and since K had his done she's been even more keen. I showed her some photos and in the end she opted for a bob and we talked about donating her hair to other little girls who don't have their own hair because they are poorly and she was very keen to help them.

Of course, I took many, many photos documenting her super long hair before we chopped it all off, before, during and after the last epic hair wash (which we then had to blow dry as we can't donate wet hair - even if it's dried after the chop).

When I was checking the "rules" about donating the hair, how to package it and so on, it mentioned sponsoring the hair cut which makes perfect sense but it was a bit late so I'm asking retrospectively for donations to Priya's fundraiser for The Little Princess Trust which will help fund them making the hair donations into wigs :)

And then it was time for the big chop!!!

I took her to Denise at Buxted Village Barber, who's always been amazing with the kids (P once had a tiny trim when she was 2 as she was jealous of K getting his done) and is so lovely letting me take photos the whole time!

Priya is delighted with her new do (despite what her face may portray - she didn't like the hairdryer she told me after her little tantrum at the end)! And the lovely Denise said there was no charge as it was for charity! SO kind and she's created a beautiful style!!

So, if you'd like to sponsor Priya, please do so here:, we'd love to hit our target!



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