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Duddleswell Tearooms

Although we went to a different area of the forest, we still made our way to Duddleswell for cake after our walk this week. They really do have amazing cakes and this time their flowers were in full bloom with so many gorgeous bright colours making it so pretty in the sunshine! Kalyan and George both chose the chocolate roulade which I was allowed to taste and I can confirm it's as good as it looks, so light and very tasty with plenty of fresh cream inside! P chose the Victoria sponge and loved it, she's a jam fiend! I prefer my sponge with some kind of cream or icing but didn't fancy one of my own this time so I went for the Sussex rarebit which came with proper thick, tasty ham - so good and very filling! The raspberry pavlova did look tempting though - so big and fluffy! I definitely recommend this place for a pit-stop if you're exploring the forest.

Oh and when I was photographing the colourful flowers, I spotted this bright yellow little crab spider! What an awesome wee dude!!


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