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Tickets for Phlock Live 2020 released

It's SO exciting! I know I've mentioned it before but the tickets for Phlock Live have now been released and the full website is up and running! Phlock Live is Europe's biggest Photography Conference for women with the inaugural event taking place over 3 days from 20th - 22nd March 2020 and I am speaking among some amazingly talented ladies covering a huge range of topics! My own talk will be on colour and details, two of the things I love to focus on in my own work. Read more about it here:

The full website is now live with all of the speakers' profiles about their work and talks/workshops. I am thrilled with mine, the colours really pop against the dark background!

This conference has been designed to help elevate the work of female photographers as we are generally under-represented in the world of photography and we're trying to change that. This event has international teachers and attendees and with 500 tickets available we're definitely doing our best to redress the balance. As per the latest Phlock Instagram post:

Image by Tiril Hauan

"500 creative women all under one roof? Sign me up! This is how we shake up the industry, how we show the world what women in photography can do and how we make connections that have the power to change our careers and lives. Grab your ticket now and make the decision to be a part of something huge and to learn and grow."

And if you're interested in reading more about why women need these kinds of events, have a read of this article by photographer Charlie Moss. If you are in doubt about women being under-represented, read this article by Jenny Smets or this one by Jo Slack.


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