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Gabriella - Sneaky Peek

Being creative feeds my soul so when Gabby (the practice manager at my "day job") mentioned she wanted some more professional photos for her Instagram feed, I volunteered as I knew it would be fun and we could get creative and play about with a few ideas I've been wanting to try. She's MUCH more co-operative than my 4-year-olds after all! ;)

We planned a Sunday afternoon in the woods near me where I knew there was a large stream, I'd been desperate to try out some Oephelia type photos of a woman in the water with floaty hair and dress. Gabby and I created a Pinterest board of ideas, a few "prettier" ones as well as some more edgy ones and just some random creative things I wanted to practice like double exposures and playing with my beloved ring prism. She's now officially my non-child muse! Hehe.

Anyway, I'm actually yet to get to the watery ones (and oh my gosh was she brave going in the murky, rather cold, stream in September) in my editing queue but I did have a quick squizz through a few and picked out some favourites already so here they are...


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