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Personal Branding Photographer - Creative Session in East Sussex - Gabriella

I absolutely adore these photos of Gabriella! This whole session was designed just for fun and experimentation, to feed my creative soul and provide Gabby with some photos to use on her Instagram feed and possible new blog. We planned it for a Sunday afternoon and had the perfect weather, sunshine & clouds so I got a mix of the light I love to play with, back light, diffused light, sun flares and dappled light. Perfect!

I've also had a play since with a few new and different editing techniques too so there's a real mixture below. It's nice to have fun and just play without worrying about being consistent, I've learned some new tricks and quite like being able to adapt to different styles occasionally ;)

Not only did we get the perfect light but Gabby was pretty much up for anything! She'd brought a couple of white dresses to wear, one of which was bought specifically with our plan in mind to get her in the stream (which it actually turns out is the River Uck)! I've been wanting to try an Ophelia inspired shoot for over a year but it's just never come to fruition so when Gabby and I hatched this plan I asked her if she'd be up for it and even though it turned out to be pretty chilly on the day (since we were already into September), she was very brave and waded in regardless! I'm so grateful that she did as these are my favourite photos from the session, the banks and trees around us giving that dark foreboding background and the light changed just in time as the sun went behind the clouds to filter down onto Gabby without being too harsh!

In true dedication to art, Gabby emerged with goosebumps, blue lips and a leech attached to her pants!!! I think it was worth it, I just hope she does, lol.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on, here are my favourite photos from the whole session...

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