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Newborn Photographer in Sussex - A family of five

It was such a pleasure hanging out with The Careys in their home in Crowborough, East Sussex. Aubree, their third beautiful girl was just over a month old and super chilled throughout our session. One of the benefits of an in-home lifestyle or documentary session is there's no urgency when baby is born! Unlike studio newborn photography which is best done within a certain time frame, this style of photography is more relaxed and without poses to worry about, it doesn't matter if your newborn is more awake during the session or not as "bendy".

We can take it slow and keep things tranquil, especially if this is your first baby but for larger families with older kids, it can be as fun and frantic as you wish, showing the true chaos of life at home as in this session with two older siblings who loved pulling faces, dancing, jumping and doting on their new baby sister...

This session got me no less than FIVE acceptances to Vogue Italia's PHOTOVOGUE website, so exciting!

You can see the full gallery here:


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