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21 Halloween films to watch with the kids

We LOVE Halloween in this house, all the decorations and activities, pumpkins and of course, Halloween movies! I've compiled a list of child friendly spooky films below (some not so suitable for younger kids, although mine seem find the scarier ones hilarious)...

(This post contains some affiliate links.)

I've always loved this one - properly camp spooky fun, I recently introduced the twins to this and they love it too! I love Bette Midler's version of I Put A Spell On You. This one's on Disney + or on DVD, rated PG.

Both streaming on Netflix (or to rent on Amazon), these are great fun! They are rated PG but I've let me two watch these - they find the "gory" bits funny and a lot of it goes over their heads.

For a more child friendly version, there's a new animated version we enjoy too which is also on Netflix and rated PG.

You can't have a list of Halloween films without a Tim Burton movie (or five)! Jack Skellington is my favourite - catchy songs and fun animation with a great story. Rated PG as some bits are quite scary. Streaming on Disney+.

Another Tim Burton spookfest, this is a really creepy story about appreciating what you have! Available to rent on Amazon, rated PG.

Classic 80s fun! I love both of these films and dare I say the re-make (currently available to rent on Amazon for £1.99) with all the cameos and Melissa McCarthy whom I adore, but it's no patch on the originals. You can buy the DVD box set on Amazon for the same price as renting the first film but the second one is streaming on Amazon Prime.

A very sweet film about Casper, the friendly ghost. Another one my son finds hilarious with all the slapstick and silly baddies! Available to rent on Amazon, rated PG.

This isn't my favourite but the twins like it. It has a lot of darker bits with some very scary scenes too so probably not for little ones. Rated PG, streaming on Netflix.

Another one on Disney+, I only half watched this one with the twins last year so I have no idea if it's any good or not. Rated 6+.

Good Old Tim Burton again, he is the king of creepy. Priya and I love this one, K isn't so keen. Streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, rated PG.

We really like this one, a bullied kid who can see ghosts is left the tricky task to control a witch's curse on his town. It used to be on Netflix but seems to have disappeared. You can rent it on Amazon, rated 7+.

This is another one with plenty of funny bits for Kalyan's sense of humour. Rated PG and available to rent on Amazon.

I really love this one - based around Dia De Las Muertos, Coco is a wonderful tale about family. Filled with stunning colours and details, this is a feast for the eyes with some really touching parts too (yep, I cried). Rated 6+ and available on Disney+.

These films are so much fun, we've seen them all. Kalyan particularly loves the bit in the first movie where the Mummy/Frankenstein farts and will rewind it multiple times! All streaming on Netflix, rated U.

An absolute classic and one of my all time favourite films with an awesome cast, and soundtrack of course! A story about family and friendship with plenty of mystical, magical creatures brought to life beautifully by Jim Henson. Streaming on Netflix, rated PG.

The twins have seen this and absolutely love the part where the Grand High Witch peels her face (mask) off! Used to be on Netflix but seems to have gone, it's available to rent on Amazon, rated PG.

Until I started writing this post I had no idea they'd remade this! It's out this October staring Anne Hathaway, also rated PG and will apparently be available to buy to stream in the UK due to the pandemic.

This one's rated 15 so only for older kids, I haven't let mine watch this one yet despite them enjoying scary funny films, this one goes a bit too far at times. I absolutely love it though and it has a brilliant cast! Available on DVD via Amazon.

Just adding on another new one which is currently streaming on Netflix, Hubie Halloween staring Adam Sandler. It's rated PG-13 so probably not suitable for my two, I'm going to watch it though.



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