21 Halloween films to watch with the kids

We LOVE Halloween in this house, all the decorations and activities, pumpkins and of course, Halloween movies! I've compiled a list of child friendly spooky films below (some not so suitable for younger kids, although mine seem find the scarier ones hilarious)...

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Hocus Pocus

I've always loved this one - properly camp spooky fun, I recently introduced the twins to this and they love it too! I love Bette Midler's version of I Put A Spell On You. This one's on Disney + or on DVD, rated PG.

The Addams Family & Addams Family Values

Both streaming on Netflix (or to rent on Amazon), these are great fun! They are rated PG but I've let me two watch these - they find the "gory" bits funny and a lot of it goes over their heads.

For a more child friendly version, there's a new animated version we enjoy too which is also on Netflix and rated PG.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

You can't have a list of Halloween films without a Tim Burton movie (or five)! Jack Skellington is my favourite - catchy songs and fun animation with a great story. Rated PG as some bits are quite scary. Streaming on Disney+.


Another Tim Burton spookfest, this is a really creepy story about appreciating what you have! Available to rent on Amazon, rated PG.

Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II

Classic 80s fun! I love both of these films and dare I say the re-make (currently available to rent on Amazon for £1.99) with all the cameos and Melissa McCarthy whom I adore, but it's no patch on the originals. You can buy the