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A branding update - painting my logos

I do love to dabble in other creative pastimes occasionally and after having the idea to smarten up my Instagram profile with some new Highlights covers I decided to paint some rainbows!

I bought some watercolour paints when I re-designed my Bexphoto logo (I painted the background) so I used these with some new, non-textured, paper and played around with colours, some in the usual rainbow spectrum, some starting halfway through, others more random. I had fun, found it relaxing and ended up with some lovely little rainbow designs to use. I also painted a design for my new Tongue-tie Sussex logo.

I photographed them, edited and pulled into Paint 3D to transfer them to transparent PNG files which I then pasted into Canva to create the highlight covers in the right size for mobile. It was easy and worked really well, I'm so happy with them but need a few more so I'll be painting again this week.

I've already cut one out and framed it in a little gold hexagon frame from Paperchase. It looks so cute in our spare room but I can't decide where to hang it - opinions please??


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