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ADVENT-URES: Camera Tree Ornaments For Christmas

Although I have my very rainbowy Christmas tree, I also have a small white tree which we use for all sorts of celebrations like Halloween and Easter. I usually display my rainbow ornaments on it (as my main tree is a rainbow with individually coloured ornaments). This year, I have used it for my camera ornament collection as there are enough now that they don't look lonely (I used to incorporate them into my main tree or dot them around on shelves).

I've added some beautiful vintage glass snowflakes which I bought for £3 in a charity shop in Lewes this year. See below for details of my cameras with links for where you can find them...

Glass Polaroid Decoration from Paperchase (I paid £10 and got a free one with 3for2) in 2019.

I've found one here for €17.59

Glass Camera Decoration from Sussex Trees, £5.99

(If you're not local, I found it here too.)

Vondel's Glass Camera Ornament from Amara Living, £9.60

(I've just ordered a gold version from Anthropologie too!)

Plastic Primark decoration, £1 (This was my first camera ornament in 2018.)

I love them all!

Here are a couple more similar ones...

Do you have a favourite decoration? What's your tree theme? Do you have one or is it "anything goes"?

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