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Colourful & Rainbow Christmas Decorations 2020

I do love my multi-coloured baubles and rainbows and usually display them separately on my white tree I use for Easter decorations too. This year, I might incorporate more rainbows throughout the main rainbow tree but like to stick to the layered colours.

I've also found a few from independent small businesses and wanted to share a few finds this year in case you're embracing the joyful colour trend with your tree too!

Rainbow tree ornaments:

Row 1: Sunnylife £5, John Lewis, £8

Row 2: Selfridges £8, Gisela Graham £6.99, Cody Foster £11.95

Row 3: Sass & Belle £10.99, Paperchase £6

I will warn you that the Sunnylife one isn't as vibrant in real life! I was quite disappointed when it turned up last year but it's still nice enough for a fiver. The John Lewis one is amazing and just like the photo but currently out of stock online, I'm so glad I bought mine when they came on sale in September, you might get one in store or even try Waitrose! I don't own the others so can't comment on their quality.

Multi-coloured Christmas tree ornaments:

Rainbow Stripes £10.99, Wayfair £17.99, Elephant £3.95, Glitter Bauble £2.95

Lollypop £16.14, Doughnut £8.99, Hot Air Balloon £6

Pirate £4.99, Stack of Books £8.50

I hung these large JL glitter baubles (£15) from my homemade pom-pom garland in the window last year...

Photo by Kirsty Hamilton

Non-tree decorations

Rainbow Tree £10, Star £5

I also made my own rainbow wreath using some of the baubles listed above, (tutorial coming soon).

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