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Disneyland Paris - Give us your tips for a holiday with 8 year olds

The secret's out! This morning we told the twins that we're taking them to Disneyland Paris for half term next week for their 8th birthday (which isn't until 11th November so it was doubly surprising for them)!

We leave tomorrow evening so it's a bit last minute, in true Maini fashion we only booked it 3 weeks ago, but we'd love your tips?! Have you been to DLP with 7 or 8 year olds? Any advice? We're staying at Sequoia Lodge from Sunday and have booked a character breakfast on Wednesday.

We're driving there via Le Tunnel so can take whatever we need that we can fit in the car, I'm thinking lots of snacks for all the queues and some kind of puzzle book or other activity to keep them occupied. I haven't been to Disney since I went to Disney World in Florida when I was 14 so fill me in if you've been to the one in France more recently!

We're VERY excited!

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