Halloween Spooky Clown & Jester Face Paints with My Beloved Makeup

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I collaborated with Emese of My Beloved Makeup a couple of years ago with a Day of the Dead theme for Halloween. She wanted some photos of her working behind the scenes to create the face designs as well as on location showing them off, to use for her own personal branding on social media and her website.

They're still some of my favourite photos - I have two of them printed in my home.

This year we teamed up again, she came to my house to make-over the twins to match their Halloween outfits, obviously with a few adjustments to be Covid safe this time.

I got their outfits from Party Pieces. Priya has a spooky clown outfit and Kalyan is a sinister jester. I sent Emese photos of the outfits and she came up with some makeup designs to match.

Here's a little behind the scenes action showing how she built up Priya's design from start to finish...