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Home Farm Bakery Sourdough Bread - A Review

We were lucky enough to receive some free samples of bread from a new local bakery at the weekend so I thought I'd write a little review (this wasn't requested, I just enjoyed the bread and practising my food photography with it and you know I love to support local businesses).

Their bread is made solely with organic ingredients right here in East Sussex. Home Farm is based in Heron's Ghyll between Uckfield and Crowborough, a business with various arms including a holiday let, a wedding venue and now a bakery.

We received a brown sourdough loaf and a white baguette. The baguette was lovely and didn't last long, we devoured it with sausages & lamb from the BBQ since we finally had some sunshine and warm weather this weekend! I didn't even have a chance to take a photo other than a quick iPhone snap whilst we ate!

We saved the sourdough for breakfast the next day - it makes perfect toast, we all loved it, even me and I'm not usually a fan of brown bread. It was huge so we had plenty left for another BBQ at lunchtime, sliced with salted butter it was amazing with sea bass & salad and still we have some left so I've just enjoyed another slice toasted with lunch today! It's lasted really well, I can't tell it's two days old!

You can order via email or on the website, options and pricing can be found here, it's such great value with this huge sourdough for £3.50 and free local delivery! We'll definitely be ordering for our weekends, they do pastries, ciabatta and focaccia too!

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