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It's Chocolate Season! A Round Up Of Colourful Luxury Chocs for Easter!

As it's almost Easter (and therefore chocolate season according to my kids), I thought I'd share some of my favourite chocolate treats!

If you've booked a call with me in the last year, you'll know that I ask a question "just for fun" alongside the usual, email address, etc. Which do you prefer, Milk, Dark or White? I'm a little bit interested (nosey, hehe) and also have a slight ulterior motive. Perhaps related to a surprise delivery should you go on to book a package with me ;)

Anyway, my own answer to the above question is usually dark. Although I don't discriminate against the others and will accept any and all kinds of chocolate, I tend to find milk chocolate too sweet these days. (I'm recently partial to a white Lindt Lindor but otherwise avoid white chocolate for the same reason, super sweet and sickly.)

I'd also rather have a proper bar of chocolate or box of truffles for Easter than an empty egg - much more chocolate for your money that way ;)

So on to my favourites...

Rowdy & Fancy's "Very Cherry" - Sour Cherry Dark Chocolate

A local chocolate, made in Forest Row, this chocolate is made with love in the Sussex countryside. They have loads of flavours but the cherry one is my favourite, filled with chewy sour cherries! I also found out by chance (I needed a yellow one for this rainbow photo!) that I adore their Bread & Butter Pudding one - it's full of delicious crunchy bits. St Clements is another favourite, I mean, they're all pretty delish!

For an Easter version, check out their Nutty Eggs.

Montezuma's "Sea Dog" - Lime & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

A really simple dark chocolate that's full of flavour and free from colourings, gluten, GM and preservatives and in this bar non-dairy. It's also ethically made in Sussex using Fair Trade chocolate, 100% recyclable packaging

Montezuma's "Black Forest" - Cherry Dark Chocolate

Another one from Sussex based Montezuma's, this one has a smooth yet tangy cherry flavour with plenty of punch!

Check out their Easter collection here.

Lindt Lindor - Dark, Milk, White & Mint are my faves but I like the Orange and Hazelnut too

Did you know you can get pick & mix of these now?! A literal rainbow of chocolates lined up in the supermarket, yum! You can also choose a mixed box of your choice on the Lindt website. I just love how they melt in your mouth!

Monty Bojangles Popcorn Carousel - Buttery Salted Popcorn Cocoa Dusted Truffles

Flutter Scotch and Cookie Moon are my other favourites but I've also enjoyed Orange Angelical, Choccy Scoffy, Scrumple Nutty and Pistachio Marooned. Don't they just have the best names?? I LOVE the super colourful, fun packaging too - very whimsical! You can even buy a "trunk" full of pick & mix boxes!

Something all of these chocolates have in common is a strong brand which instantly appeals to me, a colour lover, as well as giving off a luxury vibe. They're not the cheapest chocolates but they're worth paying a bit extra for in my opinion, especially when you're after a special treat. They taste and look amazing and all offer something a bit different. Would you spend a bit more for a fancy chocolate bar? Which is your favourite kind of chocolate? Let me know in the comments!

And of course, if you need my help in polishing your own brand, giving off that professional look so your clients know you're worth investing in, get in touch!

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