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Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Sussex - New for 2020, Shower Sessions!

Bit weird? Maybe. But if you trust me as these strangers did, I can create some stunning images as part of a maternity or newborn session. Something totally different to the usual kind of shots you might get, these are much more intimate photos you can keep to yourself or share widely depending on how much of yourself you like to share of course!

This lovely maternity client and I first met about an hour before this shot was taken, I actually ended up in the other end of the bath with her, getting my feet wet for the perfect shot (those ones are in my maternity gallery).

Your privacy is of the utmost importance! I ONLY share shower images which have been seen first by my client and expressly permitted to be on my website/blog/social media. Any that are asked to be kept private are seen by no-one else but me and my client. Ditto with gallery photos, they are images my client is happy for me to use on my website to show prospective clients what I offer, but not widely published on social media for example, I always respect those wishes. These sessions are all about trust and making sure you feel comfrtable not only during your session but also knowing that your images are safe.

You don't have to be naked!!! This maternity client started off with her underwear on but decided to take it off as time went on and she felt more comfortable and wanted to try some different ideas.

In my newborn session below, Dad wore his swimming shorts while I documented baby's first shower...

I realise this type of session is not for everyone but it's something I'm so excited to offer as part of my maternity and newborn photoshoots.

The human form is beautiful, especially when pregnant, I cherish my own maternity photos but wish I had more than selfies of my bare bump. Let me record this special time for you with fine art images like the examples here.



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