Our Colourful Lives - a project full of colour to cheer us up and include the kids!

I started a group for colourful photos - Our Colourful Lives. All colours of the rainbow. For anyone and everyone, beginner, enthusiast or professional photographer, this is a group for fun, to cheer us up and help us get through these uncertain times.

The idea is as follows, copied from the page's description:

"Let's brighten up these uncertain days with a colourful project the kids can get involved with too! Come hunting all the colours of the rainbow with me and share your photos in the group. I'll select a few favourites to feature on Instagram too and create a rainbow collage when we're done. The best camera is the one you have - be it a fully loaded DSLR or a simple (or indeed fancy) phone camera. Whether you're a pro, enthusiast or beginner, everyone is welcome!

See what you can create and I'll share some tips along the way too. Above all, have fun!!! Pick a colour to start with, it doesn't have to be red - let's flood our feeds with colour from our daily lives - see where you can find them, maybe in the most unlikely of places within your homes! If we're going to be stuck in them, let's make it fun and educational and best of all, COLOURFUL!"

I thought I'd create a rainbow with some of the photos posted so far (although I was missing an Indigo so I added a pink)...

reeds and bokeh in a red reflection
Red by Paul Whitmarsh

Orange flames in a cast iron fire
Orange by Lenka Spanek

Yellow daffodil with dew drops
Yellow by Nikki Wright

flowers and leaves with dew drops
Green by Laura Jane Pattenden Hunt

Blue skies and mountains
Blue by Anna Shaw

violet heart light
Violet by Julie Smith