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Our Colourful Lives - Week 2's rainbow of photographs

Thank you all for continuing to post your happy, colourful images! Here's a rainbow collection to cheer you all up from members of the group this week...

a collection of red coloured photographs of nature - flowers, toadstools and leaves
Red by Sarah Stockley

An orange sunset in Cornwall
Orange by Roy Pritchard

A photo of a collection of yellow items from the home
Yellow by Finn (age 2) & Kiki

A photo of moss in sunlight
Green by Roy Pritchard

Blue skies in the countryside
Blue by Laura Jane Pattenden Hunt

Dusk on the Isle of Man
Indigo by Kirsty Reynolds

A purple flower with sun flare
Violet by James (age 10)

It's lovely to see some kids getting involved in this colourful project!


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