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Published on PhotoVogue - my 17th acceptance

It's always such an honour to see THAT logo attached to my work. Vogue is notoriously particular about the images they accept in the PhotoVogue gallery, as one would expect. So when it happens, it's a surprise and a delight!

Not least for one of my brand photographs! Especially this one of my friend & colleague Ashley, which I already wrote about on Instagram.

Here's what I wrote on Instagram...

"He hated it!

But it wasn’t so bad in the end!

Ashley will be the first to admit that he REALLY hates having his photo taken.

BUT he was also tired of his friends & family taking the Mickey out of his old headshots.

So he took the plunge and signed up to my charity headshot fundraiser for @rainbowtrustcc.

I’m not going to lie, he was definitely one of the most nervous clients I’ve had in front of my lens (and he already knows me pretty well, we work together at @durban_dental_centre!)

But I think you can see how much we managed to get him to relax by the end and we’re both very happy with the result!

Scroll to see the B&W one taken at the start (and one of his hilarious outtakes!)

He was much more stiff and awkward before I worked my magic 🤩 (and he’ll definitely turn this into an innuendo!! 😆)

It’s honestly one of the most important parts of my job, making you feel comfortable in front of my lens 📷

I’ve yet to hear what the friends & family think of the new photos but hopefully it will be the end of the teasing! (Or maybe that’s just families anyway 😉)

How do you feel about having your photo taken?"

Oh and what did those family & friends think?

Here are their comments:

"You really captured who he is in the photos Bex. I love them because they show who he is as a person (and dentist). Thank you! He does hate photos so much 😂 ...the best ones I get of him are when he's laughing or being cheeky and when he doesn't know I'm there! ...but when he relaxes it's worth it which comes through in these shots 🙌 I know he'll be pleased. I'm saving the first one for me 😍 ...and you're right about the innuendo haha 😂 xxx"

"They really are fab, thanks again 😍 if you've got him into it then you're a master, honestly 👏🎉📸 he's relaxed and it shows... which is clearly down to you! 🙌"

And here's what a stranger had to say:

"I don’t even know this guy and he looks GREAT. Super friendly, professional and approachable. I have SERIOUS dental phobia and I’d open my mouth for him."

And Ashley himself:

"I didn't know much about brand photography at all but having seen loads of Bex's work, I was very confident in her achieving a good result to replace my old, poor quality photos.

Despite not being particularly comfortable in front of a camera, this was dealt with, with sensitivity and fun. I REALLY dislike having my photo taken but Bex was able to work through this, make it enjoyable and I am really happy with my photos. I have had some amazing comments about them already.

Bex is very good at what she does. She doesn't take generic photos but creates something unique to set your business apart from others, a more personal insight into what you do and who you are.

It's really opened my eyes to the value of high quality brand photography."

I'm utterly thrilled that he feels this way about his new brand images. So to have this image accepted by Vogue is the cherry on the cake!

Here are a couple more...


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