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Sunday Roast in the Hurstwood Garden in the rain.

Despite the English weather trying to ruin our first pub outing since lockdown, we had a wonderful time sheltering from the drizzle in The Hurstwood's garden. They've made it an absolutely stunning place to hang out with extra tables, all with umbrellas thankfully (and blankets as it got cooler), all socially distanced of course - the advantage of their lovely big garden.

We were quite sheltered in the corner of the patio with a heater, umbrella and trees keeping us cosy.

The kids ordered cheesy pasta and us grown ups all enjoyed an amazing roast, I had beef which was perfectly cooked and delicious.

They had a new dessert on the menu which everyone except me ordered - the doughnuts with homemade elderflower & strawberry ripple ice-cream and homemade strawberry jam (I went for the traditional sticky toffee pud but it rapidly disappeared before I could take a photo)! K had a little trouble trying to fit a whole doughnut in his mouth!!!

He managed in the end! His sister was altogether more dainty as usual, lol.

We had a lovely afternoon with lovely food and company, we're so glad they're open again for garden dining :)


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