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The Reviews Are In For My Self-Paced Click Photo School Course - Storytelling For Brands

I am blown away by the feedback so far for my class with Click Photo School!

"Wow!!! I’m not even through 1/100 of your course and I’ve blown my mind a few times already. This is so helpful to me you can’t imagine!" - Leyla Shemesh via DM

Storytelling For Brands: The Art & Business of Brand Photography is something I am so passionate about and poured everything into, so to receive this feedback is just THE BEST!

"I’ve dabbled in branding photography for a while, but always felt (as a family photographer) I didn’t know enough to come up with a proper offering.

I’ve loved Bex’s branding work and when I heard about this course I couldn’t wait to dive in and learn about how to really go beyond the boring headshot and offer vibrant, interesting branding photography.

First of all, I’m blown away by just how much incredible content there is in this course! WOW! As well as documenting her own journey into branding photography, Bex has been incredibly generous with how to deliver an outstanding service (and stay profitable doing it!)

There are an insane amount of really useful bonus videos and PDFs. I found the video on planning a client photoshoot and the accompanying sample shoot plan, SO helpful. And I loved the behind the scenes videos and the extra material on creative ideas to make branding shoots fun and so much more than just a few headshots!

I’ve already made a ton of notes and I know that this is one course I am going to be referring back to again and again as I start my branding journey! Thanks for such a brilliant course Bex (and it was so lovely to see you on screen with all your rainbows around you!)" - Kirsty Hamilton

"I’m so excited to finally get my hands on Bex’s branding workshop; since she mentioned writing it I’ve been first in the queue!

The sign of a good course is one that spurs you to take action: and within the first reading I’ve stopped sitting on my ideas and have already approached two business owners directly – her advice and words have given me the confidence push that I really needed.

She’s gifted us her heart and soul! The workshop booklet is full of ideas, actions, things that have worked for Bex that might also work in our own markets. Suddenly I have a clear process of how to approach potential branding clients and what I am going to “do” with them when they book me.

Can’t wait to get stuck into the course materials and videos!" - Natalie Robinson

"This is exactly the course I've been waiting for! It covers so much material in such a clear way- both from a creative and a business point of view. Such a wealth of information, and all of it is gold!

Bex’s photography work is inspiring, but so is the way she approaches the business. Such a friendly, colorful and educational breakout! It is WAY beyond worth the price. I have a branding shoot coming up, and I’m already feeling so much more confident and capable! Bex holds nothing back and is super generous with her knowledge and experience.

This is a course I will be studying and checking back on for a while to come! Can’t recommend enough!" - Leyla Shemesh

"Hey Bex, been making my way through your course today there’s so much oh my gosh!! It’s so useful, I love how transparent you are with everything. It’s SO SO good! Amazing!" - Zephyre Rose Hood via DM

"Just bought the course and it’s amazing!! For sure one of the more thorough courses out there! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise!" - Casey Rumley comment on @ClickPhotoSchool Instagram

"Ok wow, what is not to love about this course?!

This course is jam packed with so much professional work and colourful goodness I am going to be reading over it for months! I love when reading the materials they feel really personal and Bex’s unique personality shines throughout. She is super transparent about her work and business which is really refreshing and I particularly enjoyed watching behind the scenes on the creative branding photo shoot.

This course has made me really think about my own branding and how to attract similar clients, Bex does it so well and it’s clear how much hard work has gone into her successful business. I have made so many notes and downloaded all the materials to watch again, I cannot wait to put all I have learnt into action. Thank you so much for an amazing course, I didn’t know how much I needed it!" - Zephyre Hood

You can sign-up now for instant access and it's a bargain at $29 during this live run until 21st December!

Thanks to everyone for the awesome feedback so far! I'm thrilled it's been so helpful and fun!

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