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The Shared Shutter Podcast with Sarah Krieg

I was so honoured to be interviewed for Sarah Krieg's amazing Shared Shutter podcast! We chatted about how I got started in photography, my love of colour, coping with twins, why I created This Detailed Life magazine and my most embarrassing story from back in the day during a dentistry exam!

I think they barely got a word in, I talk even more than usual when I'm nervous, oops!

Thank you Sarah and Dan for making it so easy to chat to you both and putting me at ease!

To everyone who sent me lovely messages after listening, you have no idea what it meant to me! I loved reading them all as I worried so much after the recording - the usual self doubt and imposter syndrome kicking in making me think about all the things I meant to say but didn't. Plus worrying about all the things I did say - I go on so many tangents when telling stories and tend to waffle on a bit!!

Want to see the photos I was talking about from my little 3mp point & shoot Casio in 2004? Here's a selection of some of my images from that epic trip to Australia, New Zealand and Tonga that ignited my love of photography. All entirely unedited (the pink/purple ones definitely had a camera sunset function on)...

I clearly always had a love of colour!

But I am thrilled that so many of you enjoyed it, here are a few of the lovely messages I received from my wonderful Instagram followers:

"I just listened to your interview with Sarah and had so much fun learning more about you. :) Great chat!"

"It was a great interview and you did a great job!"

"I just listened to your episode on the shard shutter podcast! [...] I love your feed!"

"Just listened to you on The Shared Shutter and love love love that you're all about the colour! You've really made me think more about how I bring that rainbow into my work. So just wanted to say thank you (and I love your work!)"

I'm not even sure I got my main point across about why I started the magazine - I wanted to spread that joyous feeling of having your work published as a photographer. I still get giddy when it happens to me although I've been woefully rubbish at submitting my won work ever since I started the magazine - I'm just so busy these days I always forget!

I also think one of my top tips should definitely have been to submit your work! (And not just to us, hehe!) I definitely find I boost both my creativity and confidence when I submit work to various places such as magazines, contests and blogs. I'm inspired to keep trying to compete with myself by improving my own work in order to submit it. It can lead to exciting opportunities too as you can get noticed by clients, other photographers, companies.

That's not to say that's all you should create for, nor that it is even all that important, it won't necessarily gain you clients but if you enjoy it and find it's helpful to have something to aim for and focus your efforts on then do it! Since writing this, I posted in the TDL Facebook group today about our blog feature opportunity in the "What Details Mean To Me" category and I received this message from Ann Owen which proves my point rather nicely:

"your post just inspired me to put something together after feeling quite flat and unmotivated photographically so thank you"

Want to submit something to the This Detailed Life blog? Find out how on our blog submissions page.

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And don't forget to check out all of the awesome podcast chats with Sarah at The Shared Shutter, including mine of course ;)



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