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Weald On The Field 2023 in Uckfield, East Sussex

We love Uckfield's own food festival at Luxford green in the summer, Weald On The Field, run by Food Rocks South. There's so much delicious food we don't usually find in town, from Greek to Nepalese (although I didn't actually get any photos of the food, I was too excited to eat it)!

I did get a few photos of the general atmosphere and some of the drinks stalls though - they all had fabulous, colourful packaging!

In The Loop

Custom Spirit Company

Bignose & Beardy Cider

And I LOVED photographing the bees that High Weald Beekeepers had brought along.

I always find bees so fascinating! We spotted the queen, surrounded by the other bees and even in this small temporary hive, they were very active, buzzing around inside the glass case. I even got a shot of them licking the glass!

There's always a great mixture of stalls and entertainment, Damson Preloved was there with her rails of pre-loved and vintage clothing, there were craft stalls to keep the kids occupied, toys for sale and all sorts of food vans. I enjoyed Momo chicken dumplings for lunch and as we stayed so long I grabbed a burrito from Holy Guacamole for dinner too!

The kids enjoyed the fried chicken and Thai noodles and the pizzas looked amazing after being cooked in an old fire engine. We also spotted Greek gyros, ice-cream and fresh donuts for sale.

Find out more about this event here: Food Rocks South

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