Which kind of branding photography do you need?

You will probably hear about a lot of options when looking into photography for your business - headshots, personal branding, lifestyle... but what do they all mean and which is right for you?

I've compiled a list below explaining each of the types of commercial photography available and shown examples so you can see exactly what kind of photos you could get for your business and figure out which combination might be best for your needs. If you're still unsure, this is exactly what your pre-shoot consultation is for - to discuss your business, style and your visual identity to ensure the photos you get for your brand elevate your online presence and help take your business to the next level.

Headshot Photography

Headshots or brand portrait photography, is probably the most obvious type of commercial photography. Traditionally headshots are just that - a head and shoulders shot to show your face, but you can be more creative depending on you, your business and your style and your photographer is there to help you with that.

Left: Antonia Thompson, Artist. Right: Victoria Turner, Shop Owner

If you're a creative or have a more colourful style, we can incorporate that as shown in the examples above. If you're a more corporate style company, you can stick with something simple and refined while still including your personality, like the image below.

Simon Cristal, SWC Partnership

If you’re planning headshots for your whole team, it's a good plan to make a list of people you need and the order you need them in - much like you would for group photos during a wedding. Let them know in advance so they can be fully prepared, looking smart and ready to show up for your business. This will keep things simple and speedy on the day with no-one hanging around or panicking at the last minute.

Product photography

Product photos require a unique approach depending on what it is you create. It’s really important that you think carefully before making any choices about style. 

Oast Farm Buxted

Should the photos of your products be in situ, in use or isolated? What kind of background should they be against? Will photos be straight on, from above or at an angle? Will you need models? There’s actually a lot to think about - and you need to establish exactly how you want to show off your products before the day of the photo shoot to make sure you have everything in place that you might need.

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Workspace photography

Not everyone has products to sell, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about branding photography. It might even be that your workspace is a venue you want people to visit so you need to show it at its best with the atmosphere you want to convey - see below examples of a dark and cosy pub and a bright and clean dental surgery.

Left: The Hurstwood Gastropub Right: