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Winner of four Click Pro Awards - The Daily Project Top Ten

Since I became a Click Pro almost a year ago, I've been contributing to The Daily Project. Not everyday but whenever I have new work I'm proud of or I can remember to schedule in a few of my favourite photos. Anyway, when I first started sharing to The Daily Project, I just thought it was a way to help boost SEO (other websites linking back to mine helps me get found on Google) and another place to show my work. I soon discovered via the Click Pro Masters official Facebook group that the Top Ten images are chosen every week for an award.

The top image is announced as the "Daily of the Week" and used as the new header image for that week and being featured in a special award winners gallery on the Click Pro website. I'm still aiming to one day make it into that gallery BUT, I have now achieved three Top Ten awards!!!

The most recent was this bump shot from a maternity shower session I did recently in Katy's home in London. I adore this image, her tattoos really make it I think along with the trickling water and the light from her bathroom window.

This is another favourite of mine from a newborn session last October, I just adore baby wrinkles and chubby hand dimples!

The first one I achieved Top Ten with is this image of Agi sitting on the yellow bench. I used a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of passers by to get this blurred effect...

I do love having goals to help me push myself so I'll keep on submitting to The Daily Project and who knows, one day I might be Daily of the Week! :)

Update: I've since won another one this month!



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