Bex did a branding shoot for my business, which is a cafe. I had a couple of meetings with Bex beforehand where we worked on what my brand and business represent and what customers I want to encourage. Before the shoot Bex went through in detail what shots she would be creating and what I should prepare beforehand, from the clothing I would wear to the food and drinks that I should prepare. In doing this I felt really prepared and it meant that on the day we didn't waste anytime.

On the day of the shoot I was quite nervous about having my photo taken but Bex really put me at ease. She was so friendly and professional that it made everything fun and it all went so smoothly.

The photos and graphics that Bex has created for me are absolutely fantastic and are really going to help me with building my brand and promoting my business online and on social media sites. I couldn't be happier with the results and am so grateful for everything Bex has done for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that wants some help working on their brand and for extremely professional and creative photos.

Hannah P. from Hannah's at Soulfit

"We absolutely loved working with Bex on the Kickers campaign photographs.  She really captured the spirit of the brand and produced a collection of stunning photographs that exceeded our expectations. 

The feedback from Kickers was simply 'WOW' and we can't wait to work with her again in the future."

Natalie (for Kickers Kids UK)

I found the whole experience amazing, Bex is so easy to talk to.  Her critique was clear and to the point, she also has an amazing way of communicating strengths as well as aspects that could use more work.  I never felt criticised or had my ego bruised, in fact I walked away feeling so much more confident.

My favourite part was having a laugh during our session, it made it a really enjoyable experience, especially seeing as they can sometimes be a bit awkward.  I was so lost going into our session but afterwards I felt like I had a clear plan to work with.

I feel that it's absolutely helped with my business, I feel a lot calmer and know what I need to do going forward.

If you were to recommend Bex to your best friend, what would you say?

I know a fabulous, down to earth and incredible photographer and I feel you can really benefit from working with her.  She is just fantastic! Thank you for helping me Bex!

Claire M

Bex was super fun and easy to talk to, and most importantly incredibly helpful. She helped me see some things I hadn’t noticed before which have really helped to tie my brand together.  She also gave me some insightful things to think about regarding my business and some good ideas of directions I could go with it.

I have only gotten through fixing about half of what we talked about but my brand already looks so much more polished.  She has such a gift!

I would absolutely recommend Bex and already have!  

Melissa J.

"I was worried that I wouldn't like any of my photos - or rather, that I wouldn't like the way I looked in any of my photos, but I loved them!

Bex is really friendly, and easy to chat to, she has a great way of putting you at ease, even if you're not used to or keen on having your photo taken!  She takes time to understand your business, preferences and personality, and has great ideas about how to make your photos work for you - including what to wear, flattering angles and how to showcase the features of your brand!"

3 words to describe your brand photos: Creative, colourful, joyful

Sarah-Louise Earl, Humanist Celebrant

"I have always tried to avoid having my photo taken, whenever I get asked to have a portrait shot of myself I squirm a little and always end up pulling some goofy faces or seem to close my eyes when the camera clicks! 

However, the lovely Bex made me feel so relaxed and within seconds came this lovely photo which I can’t believe I am saying this...but I love it."

Victoria, From Victoria shop

"We worked with Bex to shoot for our new website.

The art direction was excellent and spontaneity of ideas was very refreshing.


We were all really pleased with the outcome of the deliverables and Bex is a great professional to work with.  We would highly recommend her!"

Simon C. at SWC Partnership 

"I was worried I would feel awkward and unable to pose naturally.  However, Bex made me feel so comfortable and at ease it felt so relaxing through out the shoot!  I warmed up in no time!

My favourite part was getting to hang out with her for the afternoon and try all of her creative ideas!

Book Becky! She's not only amazing at photography but she's lovely too. She listens to your needs as well as having creative ideas of her own.  Thank you Bex!

3 words to describe the gallery: Beautiful, Enchanted and mysterious."

Gabriella L.