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If you're looking for something a little different, how about an

underwater session with your family?!

Bex is delighted to offer these fun sessions as an option for your latest family photo shoot, giving your albums and walls a new memory to cherish with professional underwater images of you all having fun!


As these sessions are new and quite different, they are currently on an

introductory reduced offer while Bex is still learning and improving these new skills

needed for underwater shooting and editing. 

To see the kinds of photos you can expect from an underwater session with Bex,

please see this blog post showcasing a recent pool session.

We can get photos of you in and around the water, splashing, having fun and jumping in, you don't have to have your own pool! 


We can use paddling pools, sprinklers or any other water related activity without the worry of my gear getting wet, even hire a pool if you want a fully underwater session.  

...she was friendly, professional and put us all completely at ease (including our 2 year old!) and in the best possible way, at times we forgot she was there, which meant we got completely relaxed, happy and effortless pictures...

-  Lucinda Mitra, family client

Pool Sessions

Your photos paint her spirit in a different light - such a beautiful capture like seeing your child from another perspective.

-  Lara Roberts, family client

Paddling pools and other water play

She's an incredible artist, she's got a great eye, and she has a wonderful knack of being able to put anyone at ease. She's also interested in a wide range of photography techniques, genres and finishes, and this is reflected in her highly personalised, colourful, distinctive work. Book her, you won't regret it. 

-  Gemma Conley-Smith, family & newborn client

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