Kind words from clients

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"I have always tried to avoid having my photo taken, whenever I get asked to have a portrait shot of myself I squirm a little and always end up pulling some goofy faces or seem to close my eyes when the camera clicks! 

However, the lovely Bex made me feel so relaxed and within seconds came this lovely photo which I can’t believe I am saying this...but I love it."

"My biggest fear was just that the photos wouldn't look good because my home isn't a "magazine house" but it worked so well. Bex put my mind at rest, reassured me that the house didn't need to be perfect at all, she would turn up, take shots as we did normal family things and we are so happy with how they have turned out.

My favourite bit about working with Bex was just how laid back she was throughout the whole experience, the planning, the actual day and the editing.

I would recommend Bex as a family photographer because she is so easy to work with, very approachable and laid back. Nothing is a problem for her, I even asked her for outfit choice help and she helped me choose some lovely colourful outfits for my children.

3 words about the gallery:  Colourful, natural & energetic"


"She's an incredible artist, she's got a great eye, and she has a wonderful knack of being able to put anyone at ease.


She's also interested in a wide range of photography techniques, genres and finishes, and this is reflected in her highly personalised, colourful, distinctive work. Book her, you won't regret it."

"I think being heavily pregnant, as wonderful as it is, always comes with some body insecurities and to say I was apprehensive about showing off my bump was an understatement. Bex put me completely at ease and really couldn't have cared less (in a good way!) about me getting my bump and legs out for the photos!

As a mum of two already it was actually really lovely and exciting to enjoy spending time with just the bump!  I'd say that if you someone was questioning whether to have a maternity shoot to definitely get in contact with Bex. The photos I've got are so natural and I know I will look back at them for years to come and be so grateful that I took the time to have the photos done. They are definitely not photos that I would have otherwise captured - as a mum I'm always the one taking the photo and am rarely in them so am so pleased to now have these photos of such a magical time.

3 words to describe the gallery: Natural, Authentic, Tranquil"


"The photos are amazing!!!!


Love them love them!!!"

"My biggest fear before my session with Bex was if I would feel awkward and unable to pose naturally. However, Bex made me feel so comfortable and at ease it felt so relaxing through out the shoot! I warmed up in no time!

My favourite part was getting to hang out with her for the afternoon and try all of her creative ideas!

Book Becky! She's not only amazing at photography but she's lovely too. She listens to your needs as well as having creative ideas of her own.  Thank you Bex!

3 words to describe the gallery: Beautiful, Enchanted and mysterious."


"Where can I start with Bex and her breathtaking photography? From the minute she arrived at our home to capture precious moments of our family she was friendly, professional and put us all completely at ease (even our 2 year old!) and in the best possible way, at times we forgot she was there which meant we got completely relaxed, happy and effortless pictures that we are so proud of.

When Bex came to show us the photos (a lovely, personal touch), we were blown away; I adore Bex's use of natural light and the way she manages to combine moody hues with vibrant colour is so unique. We can't recommend her enough as she wholly cares as much about the whole process as we do - thank you, Bex!!"

"Bex is an incredible photographer. My fiance is usually very awkward in front of the camera but Bex went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable and special. She was also incredible with both our little girl and newborn. Her responsiveness to their needs and easy going nature made the whole experience effortless.

She captured the most wonderful time in our lives in the most beautiful and remarkable manner.
If you are debating what photographer to use look no further than Bex. Her love of life, photography and ability to capture those special moments is truly amazing. She is so good we've already used her twice.
Thank you Bex for our beautiful photos"


"[My favourite part was] watching my kids have an amazing underwater photo shoot and really enjoying themselves..

[Bex is a] fab photographer who puts you at ease and takes amazing photos

3 words to describe the gallery: Unique Gorgeous Memories"

Sophie C. - Underwater family client feedback

"I was afraid we wouldn't "click" or that it might be awkward [but] we got along very well and it was more like having a friend with us who is great with a lens, very easy and not lots of posing, just natural "us".

She was so great with my kids, I have an energetic toddler and she was able to engage with him and capture his vitality.

Bex is professional and fun her photos are true to life and excellent quality. She captures your personal essences and little special moments.

3 words to describe the gallery: Rich, detailed, clarity"

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"We worked with Bex to shoot for our new website.


The art direction was excellent and spontaneity of ideas was very refreshing.


We were all really pleased with the outcome of the deliverables and Bex is a great professional to work with. We would highly recommend her!"

Simon C.  at SWP - Branding client feedback

Other comments about my work:

"A bright & joyful, unique, new perspective on every day moments! Love it!"

"Love your perspective on documenting families and every day life."

"Fun and playful documentary family photography."