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Client Feedback, Glowing Testimonial: "Amazing In So Many Ways"

I will freely admit that I was a little apprehensive about working with a 3rd party on behalf of a brand as I really like to connect with my clients and get to know them as part of their brand. I find it brings so much to the storytelling aspect. So when marketing manager Emma got in touch with me to arrange a photoshoot for her client, I was cautious.

The gorgeous Emma at her own headshot session in December!

I needn't have worried - Emma and I hit it off straight away, our creative ideas for her client gelling, even if they weren't quite sure yet themselves. I'm so glad she convinced them to pick me, we had a blast working on the planning and photoshoot together and everyone (myself included) is thrilled with the results!

When I receive feedback from clients I usually write up their answers into a shorter testimonial (I always get their approval to post it - I never change their words, just curate them into a concise paragraph or two) but this time I wanted to post the full questionnaire with all of Emma's answers as I am just so happy to read everything she had to say.

I genuinely think it might help other potential clients who are on the fence about investing in a brand shoot with me to really understand the experience and service you will receive if you choose me too :)

What did you know about Brand Photography before speaking to Bex?

I pretty much knew what I wanted to achieve creatively because I use photography in my client's marketing all the time. But I had no idea how to go about a brand photography shoot, as I had never arranged one before - so I was very much a beginner.

What were the challenges you faced in business before meeting Bex?

Lack of marketing budget, risk-averse clients, limited resources.

What were your feelings before your enquiry call?

Excited to work on something new, that I knew had great potential to help my client's marketing campaigns get more traction. Pressure to deliver on time and budget. Worried my client wouldn't take a risk on a new supplier and new creative ideas.

What made you choose to go ahead with Bex as your Brand Photographer?

Her amazing style of work. Her infectious passion, personality and confidence. I was impressed by her flair for creativity and persistence to get the job done to the best of her ability. Plus her huge support of my creative ideas. The relationship we quickly forged, through feeling totally on the same page. Her confidence in me! The fact she was a mum and we were working with kids as models.

What were your feelings before your shoot? What were you most nervous about and most excited about?

Worried about how to fit in the huge amount of shot ideas in the time and whether convincing the client to share our vision would pay off. Worried about working with kids.

How did you find the whole experience working with Bex?

Bex worked so hard, kept calm, got the job done and was professional. It was fantastic to see her work and watch her creativity and energy. I didn't feel like we compromised on anything! We got all the shots :)

What, specifically, was your favourite part of your experience with Bex and why?

The buzziness of the 2 hours and excitement to see the shots through the lens.

What was your least favourite bit?


Now you have all your images, do you love them? Have they helped with your business challenges?

They totally exceeded expectations. They make my job a lot easier and I am so proud of the way the images came out. They represent the brand perfectly. I have even had other brands ask which photographer we use, which has never happened to me before.

The client was delighted, they said the photos were absolutely brilliant and it was the "best shoot we've ever done" and even mentioned that they were so glad they didn't lose the opportunity to work with Bex as they had initially been hesitant about the investment and new ideas.

If you were to recommend Bex to your best friend, what would you say?

You will love her and her work! Don't hesitate, because she will give you 100%.

And a little bonus question as I'm curious... What three words would you use to describe your photos?

Clever Unique Fun

Anything else you want to let me know?

Thank you Bex, you literally are amazing in so many ways and I am so glad that I found you x

Needless to say, I am thrilled that they are not only happy with their images but also the experience as a whole; how I helped to shape and design the shoot, my creativity, energy and confidence in getting the job done. It was honestly such a joy to work with Emma and this brand, it really makes my heart sing to read such positive feedback!

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