13 ways to rock Halloween during the pandemic

Halloween isn't cancelled!

Although trick or treating and Halloween parties aren't on the cards this year thanks to Covid, there's still plenty of spooky fun to be had. With safety in mind and social distancing in place, here are a few ideas for family celebrations this Halloween...

1. A Spooky Movie Night

My kids are HUGE fans of "movie night" and love to snuggle up on the sofa with a good film and some popcorn. It's super easy to add a Halloween spin to this. Make scary witches' warts by coating popcorn with green icing sugar (blend the sugar with green liquid food colouring) and baking in the oven. Serve with "potion" (apple juice with a little cinnamon mixed in - add a straw and my kids think it's a cocktail!)

For the film, I'd go with Hocus Pocus (available on Disney + or DVD) but we'll be doing this more than once to fit in a few favourites and hide away from the rainy weather. You can see more of my Halloween film recommendations here.

2. Decorate the House

Who cares if no-one else will be around to see it, we will get to enjoy the fruits of our labour and I LOVE Halloween décor! The twins are SO excited to join in with this, especially since I got the decorations down from the attic. We're going full on spook-tastic this year and doing it Christmas style in that we're having the decorations up for at least 2 weeks, not just one day (far too much effort involved for so little time IMHO). I've pinned LOADS of ideas on Pinterest.

3. Make a Halloween Tree

I've done a Halloween tree for a few years now, I use a black glittery one like this which we decorate with spooky pumpkin decorations from Home Sense. You can also get cute little black or orange baubles or make your own!

4. Bake & Decorate Halloween Biscuits

We'll be doing this at the weekend, I'm thinking ghosts and maybe Jack Skellington! Simple but effective, you can find more inspiration on Pinterest.

5. Have a Halloween Feast

Get the family dressed up for dinner and lay the table with a Spooky Halloween spread.

There are so many creative ways to dress up the table too and create deliciously devilish foods. Below are some of my favourites I've made before, all of which you can find the inspiration for and recipes on my Halloween Pinterest board.