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Summer Holiday!

We're just back from a week in Turkey - a proper chill out, easy package holiday which was just what we needed after a busy and stressful few months. I've managed to have a quick sift through my photos (I was trying not to have my camera out too much as I didn't want to put pressure on myself to be taking photos all the time, it was nice to have a break from the usual and I just enjoyed capturing a few moments) and here are a few favourites of our week away at the Trendy Lara resort in Antalya, Turkey.

I would highly recommend the resort for a proper chill out, the twins loved the kids' club and we enjoyed some peaceful time alone my the pool, I actually read a couple of books! There was loads going on to keep us all entertained and the food was amazing.

This may be my entry for the latest Slow Photography Movement project as the current theme is storytelling and although I didn't tell our whole holiday story with this set of photos, it gives an idea. I do hope to fit in a Day In The Life though which could be my final submission.

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