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Family film snippets - filling in the story

My heart will always stay with the photos, I love to have them on my walls, to see every day, flicking through them on my phone in bed, keeping in books to pour over together as a family now and in the future. I love them so, I really do. But I fancied a new challenge. I wanted to give it a go and would like to learn more. I will always be focusing on the photography but, well, videography is fun too I've discovered!

I spontaneously decided to make a short film of a celebration in our own family in my in-laws' beautiful home in London. It was a good way to practice, no-one really knew I was filming, they're all so used to me with camera in hand, snapping away, so I got real, natural results. I was initially inspired by the raindrops shaking the plants outside and wanted to experiment with focusing so I decided to wing it and have a play and I'm so glad I did!

Despite the steep, steep leaning curve and major frustration with the software I was not at all used to using, I am very proud of the result and intend to improve, maybe even incorporate it into family sessions to add that extra dimension in the future so watch this space!

Here's my first film, a mixture with stills, please do let me know what you think?

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