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Brighton Beach - West Pier at sunset

After my day out in Brighton with fellow photographers, I took the opportunity to capture sunset at the beach. This is something I've wanted to do since moving down south. I find it such a struggle to get out taking landscapes these days but I'm often getting the itch whenever I see gorgeous light and skies. I didn't have my tripod or filters with me which I usually carry as part of my outdoor kit but I made do with balancing my camera on my bag to get some of the longer exposures with a dusty old lens.

West Pier Brighton Beach Sunset

It was fun to get out there in the evening again capturing the changing colours of the sky and even though I can see the imperfections, I love them anyway. It brought back lots of memories, hanging out super early in the morning or late in the evening catching the first or last moments of the day.

I also remembered how much I love photographing water, the unpredictable movement and shapes, the colours and swirls. I took hundreds as you never know what you're going to capture with each click of the shutter! Here are a few I've picked out...

I need to get out there with my tripod again! :D


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