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Spa Valley Railway Steam Engines

We took the twins on a steam engine ride today in Royal Tunbridge Wells and although I have a lot of catching up to do with editing of lots of Christmas fun, I couldn't resist starting with these ones! Paul was one of the drivers today (our train actually had two steam engines pulling carriages) and was so cheerful, helpful, chatty and accommodating of me taking dozens of photos! I'm so pleased with how they turned out so thank you Paul and all the others who keep these awesome heritage trains running. Here are my favourites from today.

I'd highly recommend Spa Valley Railway for a family adventure, we booked our tickets on Groupon so paid £12 for our family of four! We had some delays so the kids were getting a bit fed up on the way back but if your kids are a bit older I reckon it's well worth it! Sorry to anyone in our carriage who had to put up with whinging, we tried everything to stop it!


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