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2019 Goals

It's my first day back at work today which is of course a bit bleh (at the day job) but I'm actually really excited to get back to work on Bexphoto stuff for 2019! I have lots of goals this year and it should be much more achievable for me now that hubby's big exams are over, I'll be able to focus much more and spend more time on the business.


This year I'm planning a couple of personal projects again. Although my 365 project started off well, after multiple family illnesses in February, I really struggled to keep it going and catch up. I still like the idea of it and would love a collection of a year of photos from each day but I think I'm going to take it easier this year and try a project with a little less pressure to shoot and edit daily. One of the ones I hope to tackle is the Colour Chase Challenge. Each month has a colour and I'll be searching for images which have an overall colour scheme to make a collection at the end of the month. This means I can fit it around life a bit easier and will hopefully have a lovely colouring collection of 12 months when I'm done.

I had also toyed with doing an easier version of the 365 project and starting a 52 week project, so a photo a week instead of every day. This sounds much easier in theory but I know I will struggle some weeks I shoot more to choose just one. I'll give it a go and see how it works for me.

Other than those projects, I will be entering more competitions again to help push myself. I love the feeling of achievement if I receive any awards and of course it's a lovely bit of recognition for my work.

I'm anxiously waiting the release of what I'm sure will be my favourite issue of Dear Photographer magazine ever, the Color issue (it's American, hence the spelling)! I have an image in there which is so exciting but I can't wait to see all of the other colourful images!!

I'm continuing to submit my work for features as again, it's great for kudos and exposure and my ultimate goal this year is to apply for ClickPro. Something I was planning on doing in secret should I not be accepted but I decided there's nothing wrong with failing as it will hopefully give me some guidance in how to improve more and I can just try again. Also I think I need the accountability as I'm already delaying applying as I have almost been ready for a few months now, I just need to take the plunge and submit my gallery!

On the business side I'm working on some branding shoots for local businesses and a lesson plan for a course I'd like to teach for local Mums (and Dads) who want to improve their everyday photography when taking photos of their kids. I hope to start this in the summer so watch this space!


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