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Scotney Castle Adventures

Make January fun instead of being the usual dull and dreary month we all hate and feel pressure of "New Year, New You". Take the pressure off, avoid letting the dreary weather get you down and embrace the fun that can be had. Places to visit with the kids tend to be quiet so you often get cheaper tickets and can find them more peaceful to explore. We decided to make use of our National Trust membership and went somewhere new with friends, also members, who recommended Scotney Castle.

We loved it! The play area is great, I even managed to sit and drink my coffee while having a full conversation as the kids were happy running off to play together. It is a bit different to the usual play park with a little log cabin, a ball run with loads of tennis balls, a music area/stage and lots of balancing logs and areas to climb as well as a tree swing and cute baby swing hanging from an epic tree.

The gardens and castle ruins themselves were lovely too and even my four-year-olds enjoyed walking/running round, not once asking to be picked up which makes a nice change. We found ducks in the moat and interesting trees to climb, a witch's cave (dark and spooky alcove) where they demanded I be the witch and chase them round the castle and a great hill to run down - K had a blast and I got to practice panning shots while sitting on a bench with Priya.

All in all, a great day out and would make an ideal location for a family session! It's near Tunbridge Wells in Kent about 30 minutes from me in East Sussex (near Uckfield) and with so much to see and do, would make a great backdrop for a family day out as a documentary session as you can see above.


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