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Colour Chase Challenge - Teal

Teal was a tricky one! When I got stuck before I'd buy flowers and food to take macro shots of. You don't get teal flowers or food, not that I can find anyway so I had to think more for this month's colour. For teal I am basically accepting anything vaguely like teal - aqua, turquoise, any blue with even the slightest hint of green basically! Luckily Priya had this body warmer and I discovered Simon's awesome paint shop with its fair share of teal-ish colours. I of course had the kids' toy cars which luckily had a shelf which fit the bill and I found some threads in a local haberdashery in Lewes too.

I also cheated slightly by including this one of Rebecca Love's swim classes which was technically taken in February but I only edited them in March so, meh, I included one! ;)

Here's my final grid. You can see the others on my CCC project page.


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