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Colour Chase Challenge - RAINBOW!

The Color Chase Challenge this month was rainbow! This was obviously an easy one for me, well at least you'd think so! Priya and Kalyan have suddenly become very fussy about what they wear, K mainly sticking to his yellow Batman T-shirt and P only wearing dresses. Luckily I've managed to coax them into specific rainbow outfits a couple of days this month! I was pretty busy all month with organising and buying our new car and working extra to pay for it but I've just managed to take some of the photos I had been planning all month. Here are my favourite rainbow photos for June (and a few older ones below just because)!

Of course, I started with my office - full of rainbows!

I had some fun taking macro shots of my coloured pencils - some of which I freelensed and some reverse freelensed using my 35mm and 50mm lenses.

And then there was our new toothbrush holder and the twins' PJs. K wasn't up for it.

And I had a play with my prism, shining rainbows on the wall on a sunny day in the living room - I love it against our new dark green walls!

Again, K wasn't up for it and wouldn't even be my assistant holding the prism so I had to balance it on a vase and some pom poms!!

And there was their first outing on the new bikes, see more here, when I managed to convince them into rainbow jumpers!

And OF COURSE, the new rainbow sprinkler was well timed! ;)

Again, see more here.

And another day of rainbow fun in the garden with friends...

And some older ones that fit the theme!..

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