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First Bikes!

The kids were SO excited to get their first proper bikes recently! Ma & Dadaji bought them for their birthday (a few months early to make the most of the summer) and came along for the first ride! Both of them had gotten used to their balance bikes at home and using trikes with pedals at preschool and home so it was a case of putting the two together with real bikes and no stabilisers. Luckily it worked and K was pretty much off on his own once he was up in the saddle! P was a bit more cautious and initially reluctant to get on and have a go but she's gaining in confidence now and also able to ride solo after a push off but she's not quite as good at stopping yet whereas K was on the brakes straight away and stops without falling down.

Here are the photos from the first new bike ride...

(Thanks Ma for taking some of me too!!!)


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