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Wakehurst Botanic Garden

I've been to Wakehurst a couple of times before for their Kew Science Festival but never explored further than the activities at the events. Turns out, it's well worth a visit in itself (or a few as I'm yet to see a lot of the gardens)! We went along with friends to get the kids out of the house during the gloomy weather but ended up with a lovely warm day with plenty of sunny spells so it was ideal for a wander and play in the woods and on the lawns.

We first made our way past the main building where the festival is usually centred and where the raised pond is, to the tree trunk trail (my friend knows Wakehurst a lot better than me and made some suggestions on where to start) with the kids - I was looking after another friends' daughter so we had 5 kids between us. The trail leads up to a clearing with loads more climbing areas and "stages" to play on and around so we hung out there for a while, not least because the lighting was just LUSH and Christina struggled to drag me away, never mind the kids! Lol.


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