Sea Life Brighton - Documentary Family Photographer

We had a wonderful family day out in Brighton on Friday, one of few we've managed this summer so we made the most of it with a full day of family fun and I basically shot a "Day in the Life" session documenting all our fun in Brighton. I'll be sharing the photos of our lunch in VIP Pizza and our fun on Brighton Palace Pier soon too but since I have a LOT of photos to include (I love to many of them!), I've decided to split up the posts so they're not too epic and long!!

So, Sea Life in Brighton, our local aquarium. We booked using the current Kellogg's deal so we got free adult entry with the twins' tickets so it totalled £30 with re-entry allowed on the same day. We planned to go early so we might find some quiet areas to begin with for a few specific photos I had in mind but having opened at 10 and us arriving at 10:30, it was already packed! (I have an exciting reason why we were late which I'll be blogging about later too!)

Being so busy, it was really very hot too so we bypassed the first area and went to find the underwater tunnel. I love this area with the beautiful sharks and huge turtles gliding overhead, it was nice to see the newer small tunnel of reef fish with dozens of anemones too as this was closed the last time we went (for the twins' 1st birthday in 2015) while the new area was being constructed.