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Family photographer in Sussex & Kent - The power of a photograph.

I'm currently in the middle of editing the photos I took today, having tried my hand at sports photography! Yes, we've finally given up our weekends and signed the twins up to various clubs, one of which is rugby. Anyway, I've been sending the odd photo to friends who were there with their kids (of their kids, not mine!) and receiving lovely messages of thanks when one such message moved me quite unexpectedly. This is just a photo of a father helping out the coach and cheering on his son on a Sunday morning. It's not even that sharp but sometimes technical perfection means nothing, it's the moment here that's important and I didn't even know it as I clicked the shutter.

I've asked permission to share the story here...

"I have no idea if you know this but when he was 18 Will had a very bad car crash. Coma. Brain injury. Was told at one point wouldn’t live. When he did recover he was told he would never work, never have a family or marry. This photo is such a gorgeous symbol of his recovery - I’ve just forwarded it to him and it’s made him so happy! X"

I had no idea but I am thrilled that my simple photo of father and son at junior rugby has meant so much and symbolises such an amazing recovery for Will! I just love the power of photographs, they're so so important for so many reasons.


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