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Uckfield Rugby Club - U6 newbies

We've had a couple of session at rugby now and Kalyan is definitely loving it! Priya seems to enjoy it when she joins in but is somewhat reluctant, she only goes because her best friend does! I've been really impressed with Uckfield Rugby Club, they're so friendly and encouraging and all players get a free hotdog after playing which is a huge incentive for the 4 year olds in particular! Lol.

We've really enjoyed getting to know some new parents and kids and the social aspect after the game too. I'm really excited to be part of the Rugby Club! We get a whopping 4 free sessions before we have to commit so we haven't officially signed up yet but we will. It's great though for those like Priya who are a bit unsure, you can really make sure you will continue before having to fork out for subs and kit. So far I've even enjoyed my Sunday mornings pitch-side too and of course, trying my hand at sports photography, hehe!

Thanks to the parents of all identifiable kids for permission to share these pics ;)


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