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Documentary Photographer in Sussex - Choosing our Christmas tree in Uckfield!

We always get a real tree, I never did until I met Nik but since then, real all the way. I love the smell and the excitement of choosing every year and the twins love that we have an actual tree inside our house! This year we bought it from White House Farm on London Road near Ringles Cross (it's opposite the caravan place). The people there are so friendly and welcoming, it was lovely choosing our tree, we didn't feel rushed at all even though I'm quite fussy! Of course, I documented our trip as well...

Michael chopped off the bottom inch so our tree could drink easily and wrapped it up for the car.

Cathy was great with the twins, showing them how to age the tree by counting the rings in the bit that was chopped off. Turns out our tree is the same age as them!

Just before we left I spotted these gorgeous alternative wreath options too - so pretty and a bargain at £12 vs the usual £40 I see for more traditional wreaths.

I'll be sharing a blog post soon showing our tree in all its glory as we decorated it that afternoon!

White House Farm Christmas trees are open 7 days. We chose a Nordmann Fir as always (the one year I got a Blue Spruce was traumatic - all those needles everywhere for months!) and it cost £58, we think it's about 7-8 feet tall, we did have to trim the top a little! Oops!


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