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Family Photographer in Sussex - The Maini ADVENTures begin!

This year to kick start our advent fun, the twins got a little surprise from Santa! He stopped by while everyone else was at rugby and left a present and card for Kalyan & Priya! Instead of just taking turns opening the little house advent I made, Santa brought them an extra special early gift of a Lego advent calendar so everyone gets to open a door each day, they just take turns for each kind. The Lego calendar is another great alternative to a chocolate option, each day they get a little thing to build to make up a winter scene. He did also leave them each a Malteser reindeer!

I heard their squeals of excitement when they got back as I'd hung our rainbow wreath on the door and it just got louder when they found Santa had left a gift already! As always, P went straight for the card and K for the gift.


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