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A Rainbow Of Flowers

You may remember my Christmas bauble photo after I took my tree down in January. I had a lot of fun arranging them on the floor for a rainbowtastic photo or two (or ten)!

I recently started a new job and needed a new mouse mat and decided to get one printed with my own photo. Rather than a very seasonal, festive image, I decided to recreate the photo using flowers instead!

Cue a mad dash around various florists trying to find all the colours I needed! So much fun! Here's a list of the flowers I ended up with...

Red - Roses and Carnations

Orange - Gerberas and Roses

Yellow - Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Roses and a Sunflower

Green - Button & Bloom Chrysanthemums with a few leaves from my garden

Blue - Delphiniums

Purple - Lisianthus and Sea Lavender

Pink - Roses, Stocks and Carnations

They came from Tesco, Waitrose, The Flower Shop (Uckfield), Zara Flora (East Grinstead) and Ashdown Flowers (East Grinstead).

After I took a couple of shots I planned, I played around with long exposures with ICM (In Camera Movement - moving the camera while the shutter is open to get blurry effects).

Lots of fun and a much needed, fun, personal project amongst the overwhelm of a new job, running & creating TDL magazine and busy client work lately!

Here's a little behind the scenes shot of how I set this up....

I'll share a photo once I receive my new mouse mat too! ;)


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